Sunday, June 26, 2011

Apple Bluetooth working on PC - OS X

one of the issues with building a hackintosh is sleep, using a PC type bluetooth adapter will work but it will not wake from sleep. One solution is to use USB wired keyboard or mouse but I like having the full Apple OS X experience so I use the Bluetooth keyboard and magic/trackpad mouse.

To get an Apple Bluetooth module you have to buy one taken out of a Mac laptop, these can be found on ebay for $6 to $12, do not use a module from a G4 or Mac pro, these will not work and the Mac Pro module does not have pin outs for USB. The Apple module is also 3.3v and PC USB has 5v so a converter is needed, this is also on ebay as well.

Once these two items are wired up you are good to go, plugs into the USB port and now my hackintosh wakes after sleep on bluetooth keyboard or mouse.

5v to 3.3v converter to Apple Bluetooth module