Saturday, July 23, 2011

Apple Lion OS X Released

Apple has released Lion OS X, I installed it on my MacBookPro and my wife's MacBook, we are both enjoying the new features of this OS on our laptops. The new features seem to target the laptop users and make the experience more productive and easy to use. I didn't notice and speed increase in this OS and if anything maybe a little slower but with SSD drives in our laptops everything is snappy and fast, for $29 this is a no brainer upgrade and Apple allows you to install it on as many Apple PC's as you want.

Install OSX Lion on my PC, The latest boot loader injects just about everything needed to make this run on a PC as long as you have a good DSDT.aml. The only issues I have ran into so far is sleep not working well enough to use it and FaceTime not connecting to server. neither  are show stoppers for me and so far the experience has been positive.

Here is my simple installation of Lion on my PC, because I have a MBP I don't need to play with boot loaders and installation apps. I bought Lion from the app store and created a bootable DVD by mounting the DMG from the package and burning it.

  • load hard drive in a USB external case plug it into the already booted and running MBP
  • from the DVD run the install package, install Lion on the USB hard disk, a bout 30 minute process
  • when complete, hold the power down for 5 seconds and reboot the MBP with the USB HD unplugged
  • Plug USB drive back into the MBP after rebooted 
  • run myHack installer and install chameleon boot loader without sleep enabler
  • use Chameleon Wizard to update chameleon to r1078, this is important or Lion with not boot
  • install your DSDT.aml in /Exrta and load your needed .kext's in /Extra/Extension
  • take USB HD out of case and install it in the PC and boot
do some tweaking, mostly sound and ethernet and you are good to go. this is a simple install method and I have done the research on my hardware to make this work, you will need to do the same and should not be attempted until you have done so. 

Need help with this, PM me.