Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Windows 8 Developer Preview

Downloaded and installed on my backup machine. install process is very simple and typical of Windows but after that, things are very different. You configure your computer much like a Mac and once that is done you are no using Microsofts Metro interface, this interface is designed for touch devices and the look and feel is not that good, clunky and messy. This is a developer preview so I am sure the release version will  be much different (it better be). I was able to learn the new OS with in 20 minutes and navigating around you can find all the familiar tools and things that you have in Windows 7. I installed apps that I use and a click on the desktop in metro brings me to a familiar windows desktop. boot time is ver fast compared to Windows 7 and all my hardware was found and working.

I installed this on my older laptop and it did work but the graphics experience was slow and lagged, better use a new PC if you want to check this out.

I recommend you install this onto a different hard disk and keep your main OS intact as this OS may not be stable enough for long time use.

If you want to see it without installing it (recommended), go to youtube and watch some videos on it.