Sunday, July 9, 2017

Windows 10 bash | Linux

Enable developer mode

Goto settings and Update & security
Click on "For developers" and select Developer mode
Search the Start menu for Turn Windows features one or off and click it
Find where it says "Windows subsystem for Linux Beta" and click OK
Restart the computer
Now search for "bash" and follow the prompts

You now have a Linux bash terminal

Windows 10 cipher command

Encrypt folders and secure erase files and folders

Command Prompt
Cipher /e C:\EncryptTest

/e = encrypt 
/d = decrypt 

Any files added to the encrypted folder will be encrypted as well
The encryption key is tied to your user account
Create a backup of the encryption key

Delete with cipher use the /w
Cipher /w: C:\EncryptTest

You could use cipher to secure erase all deleted data from the C: drive as well